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I am delighted that Jay is running for a position as District Representative on the ATA’s Provincial Executive Council, and I am convinced he will make a superb contribution in this role. He is intelligent, deeply committed, courageous, principled, and exceptionally energetic and hardworking. He also has a strong sense of the kinds of changes we need and the effective strategies and actions that are necessary to bring them about. I very much hope that he is given the opportunity to provide this type of collaborative, positive and engaged leadership at the provincial level.  

Larry Booi, Former ATA President

I have known Jay for 35 years…that’s right…35 years. I taught and coached him when he was in Junior High School. A fine and caring young man back then and I have seen him grow to be a model teacher and role model. Even when he was a youngster, he had great respect for the teaching profession and he would ask me many questions. I thought at that time, “This kid is going to be a great teacher one day.” Jay is an incredible individual who will fight tirelessly for the betterment of the teaching profession. He understands the issues and is an amazing advocate for our profession. Down-to-earth, hard-working, easy to talk to and share a laugh. I was ecstatic (and proud) to see that he is running for ATA representative. This is a position at which he will excel.

Derek Hatch, ECSD Principal

One of the best things about Jay is his passion: his passion to teach, his passion for children, and his passion to make a difference. Jay's mentorship set the foundation of my career and set the stage of what it truly means to be a teacher. His confidence in his own beliefs and ideas is empowering, as he is not afraid to stand up for what's right and what's possible. Jay's voice has always been loud, strong, and perceptive, all while full of compassion, charisma, and understanding.

Amanda Hoblak, Fort McMurray teacher

Je n'ai eu le plaisir de connaître Jay que pendant une courte période, mais très vite il s'est montré à la fois attentionné et engagé. Il se consacre à l'amélioration de la profession enseignante et du bien-être des enseignants et est prêt à transmettre ce message à quiconque a besoin de l'entendre. Il est un autre représentant de division au sein de l'exécutif de notre section locale et je trouve son énergie et son enthousiasme inspirants. Il est un excellent choix pour R.D.

Dahlia Holtet (She/Her), Div. III Rep. Local 37

Jay is a firebrand, but not a zealot. He is assertive without being arrogant. In those instances where you wonder, “how can we ever manage to get X done?” Jay is exactly the person you want riding shotgun. He makes things happen. He is capable, personable, warmhearted, and fun. I’ve known Jay for over 20 years and have personally witnessed the indefatigable energy he has dedicated to his students, friends, and community. I wish I was an ATA member so that I could cast my vote his way. I’d do it in an instant. Not just because of my abiding affection for the man, but because of the certainty that I wouldn’t be wasting my vote. Jay’s in it to win.

Cyrus Lewis, Commissioning Editor, JACOBIN Magazine

I’ve known Jay for 16 years; he taught all 3 of my kids grade one. He educated them, but through a lens of kindness, equality, truth and love. To this day he is still beloved to my children. In short, HE CARES.

Steph Pullen, parent

Jay is one of the most creative and innovative people I know. He is passionate towards his beliefs and will follow through with things that truly make a difference. He cares so deeply for students and their experiences within public schools and that is who we need as a representative.

Tanis Marshall, EPSB Principal

Jay Procktor is an exceptional educator.  In the many years I worked with Jay, he consistently showed his commitment to supporting student learning through his progressive instructional approaches and his collaborative work ethic with colleagues. Jay is a colleague one could always count on to be a thoughtful listener and to be open and honest in sharing his ideas and views. Jay is fully committed to establishing positive relationships and supporting the collective work of a learning community. Jay’s deep passion and commitment to Public Education and his positive energy make him an outstanding choice for District Representative. 

Linda Inglis, Retired Principal, Edmonton Public Schools

Jay Procktor is a passionate teachers' advocate and an exceptional educator who has devoted his life to youth and our profession. He is committed to working for equity for all children and teachers, especially those who are underrepresented and marginalized. I have known Jay personally and professionally for 20 years: he always acts with integrity and compassion, going above and beyond in his service to teaching and his community.

Gail Sobat, Educator & YouthWrite Founder


Anyone who has worked with Jay Procktor knows how dedicated and passionate he is about public education. Jay understands that teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions and will fight tirelessly to improve both. I wholeheartedly endorse Jay Procktor as a District Representative.

Nadine Ley, Curriculum Coordinator EPSB

​​Jay is the voice of education.  He is a man of action who delivers on taking a stand for public education and articulating the needs of teachers.  He is a visionary for the teaching profession and he challenges the status quo to elevate the well-being of teachers.  Jay is the catalyst of change that we need at the Provincial Executive Table.  Vote for Jay!

Lyle Watling, Edmonton Public Teacher

As a parent, I have had the pleasure of knowing Jay for the past 9 years.  Jay is a strong contributor - not only within the classroom, but as an advocate for the public school system and through his service within the community.  Jay exhibits the perfect combination of inspiration and perseverance to foster and lead valuable change.

Cheryl Foster, parent 

We need someone like Jay Procktor to represent educators as District Representative for the ATA.  Jay is passionate about current critical issues facing education.  As a teacher and colleague, he is hard working, a team player, and a creative problem solver.  He is trustworthy and gets the job done.  Jay advocates for students and teachers and wants an education system that both can thrive in.

Rhonda Sader, EPSB Principal

I have had the pleasure of working with Jay for the last 3 years. His energy and enthusiasm for change was contagious and brought me off of the sidelines and into the game. Jay is passionate about our profession and genuinely wants to help our members. He has new and innovative ideas that are the opposite of the status quo, and I know he’s ready to stand up and fight for us. If you want change, if you want better working conditions, and if you want someone who will stand up for you every day: vote for Jay Procktor for District Representative this March!

Jared MacLeod, Div. 2 Representative - Local 37 EPT

TES-MS-16-5 Election Logo 2023-Candidate-02.jpg

Jay is a tenacious advocate for public education and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that students have equitable access to quality education. Speaking out about the vital role of public education, Jay is determined and resolute in his efforts. He is definitely someone you want to have on your side.

Karen Teague, EPSB Principal

Jay has a profound understanding of the responsibilities and challenges facing teachers working with our young students.  He uses his creativity and clear communication to advocate for continual improvement while working collaboratively as a team member.  He is a strong voice for educators and public education.

Simon Williams, Principal

As a parent I saw first-hand the passion and commitment Jay has for students and education.  He understands the importance of community and building safe, caring classroom environments where each child can thrive and reach their full potential. As a teacher I believe Jay is the ideal candidate to represent our profession. Jay has worked in diverse settings and fully understands the complexities of today’s classrooms. He is a strong advocate for public education and speaks out in support of students and the work teachers do. Vote for Jay!

Victoria Daniel, Parent and Educator

I first met Jay in 2014, the year he taught our younger son in Grade 1.  His love of teaching and the caring and joy he brought to our kids every day instantly won us all over.  Years later, we have moved away but we continue to stay in touch.  Our son is now in Grade 9 and will say to this day that Mr Procktor was his favourite teacher.  He provided a caring, safe space for growth and learning while maintaining firm boundaries and expectations of the kids. I am proud to count Jay as one of my friends.  Throughout our time at the school I was in awe of his energy and his consistent determination to provide his students and the school as a whole with quality education, fighting for their best education along with the rights of his colleagues.  I would always want Jay on my team and leading the charge for any cause but especially for our education system.  

Wendy Oldham, Parent

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay for the past year on the Executive of Edmonton Public Teachers Local 37 where we both serve as division representatives. From the outset it was clear that Jay brought fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. He has shown himself to be a passionate and hard working advocate for teachers. Jay Procktor has my wholehearted support in running for District Representative for Edmonton-McMurray and I encourage you to vote for him.

Jennifer Bredo, Div. IV Rep. Local 37  

I’ve worked alongside Jay for many years as a colleague, both in schools and in the Alberta Teachers’ Association. He is a progressive, out-of-the-box thinker. He understands that in order for students to have the best opportunity to learn, educators need optimal conditions in which to teach. I know he will work tirelessly to improve the education system in Alberta.

Melissa Bruin, teacher

I was so fortunate to begin my teaching career learning from Jay Procktor. As a former student teacher in his classroom, I got to experience his dedication, creativity and passion for teaching first hand. So much of my teaching practice today is based around things I learned from Jay. I am confident that Jay would give a strong voice to teachers and tirelessly advocate for public education as a district representative. He has my full support.

Amanda Hunter, EPSB Teacher

I’ve known Jay for almost 20 years. In that time, I had the opportunity to teach with Jay, where I saw a kind, caring, talented, compassionate and committed teacher. I can say with confidence, that I haven’t met many with the passion for Public Education that I have seen and experienced with Jay. Jay is an exceptional teacher, but more importantly, an incredible human. Without reservation, I highly recommend Jay Procktor for District Representative for Edmonton McMurray.

Rick Gingras, Principal with EPSB

I had the pleasure of working with Jay on the Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights (DEHR) committee. Jay has the ability to bring both seriousness and humor to any room, making it easy to connect to him while also progressing the work with intention. These two traits make him approachable and dedicated in his representation of teachers. He is deeply passionate about the teaching profession and committed to the wellbeing of teachers who create the profession.

Rin Lawrence, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) Diversity Consultant

Innovative, energetic, caring, supportive and dedicated are just a few of the adjectives that I would use to describe Jay Procktor. I worked with him for three years. Everyday and in every way he showed by example and encouraged his students and fellow staff members to colour, think, and dream outside the lines. Vote for Jay Procktor! Vote for a leader who will act with your best interests at heart.

Gina Varty, Librarian

I wholeheartedly support Jay Procktor in his run to be the The Alberta Teachers' Association District Representative for Edmonton Public Teachers , Edmonton Catholic Teachers Local #54  and ATA Local 48 - Fort McMurray. I have had the privilege of working with Jay for the past 3 years on the Political Engagement Committee, and I can confidently say, he is an absolute warrior... tenacious and relentless in his fight for teachers and the profession, he will be an amazing representative and will never abandon the fight, and  #WhenWeFightWeWin!

Dave Krawchuk, Vice President Political Engagement, Local 37

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